Likely the only working screenwriter whose scripts have been directed by Spielberg, Coppola, and Zemeckis, his experiences with some of the most renowned talents of the film industry provides unique perspective on the creative process for audiences everywhere.

As a master storyteller J.V. Hart is an engaging and informative speaker who has spoken around the world at Film Festivals and participated in panel discussions for a diversity of audiences in search of a breakthrough perspective.

As a working writer, Hart’s expertise has literally transformed the writing of many participants who have had the privilege of hearing him share his work and expanded understanding of the influence storytelling plays in our culture today. A charismatic, approachable leader in the industry, J.V. Hart offers a window into creativity from an inspiring new point of view.

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We need maps, we need language and techniques for breaking down our stories. We need graphic representations to visualize the emotional ups and downs of our characters. The HartChart delivers all that. Plus an encompassing view of how and why a story moves an audience.

  • - Chris Vogler
  • author of the Writer's Journey and Memo from the Story Department