"The Hart Chart revealed more about the Dallas Buyers Club than I knew and I co-wrote the script."

- Craig Borten, Oscar-nominated screenwriter of Dallas Buyers Club


"I have known Jim since my first feature, and since then his celestial powers have given me the strength to go on making movies; I’ve been around the world, worked with international crew and cast, festivals, awards… but you know what? There is only one Jim Hart with Jumbo Heart; positive, believer, energetic, creative, funny, loving, caring, inspirational… just spend some time with him and you will run out of superlative adjectives!!"

- Pan Nalin, Director - Samsara, Angry Indian Goddesses, Ayuveda: Art of Being


"Jim Hart is not only a great storyteller himself, but a brilliant investigator into the mysterious, alchemical art of bringing stories to life."

- Graham Moore, Oscar-winning screenwriter of The Imitation Game


"I found my workshop experience with James V. Hart to be invigorating, enlightening and wholly enjoyable. His depth of knowledge and command of craft give credence to the often overused, but entirely appropriate term ‘Master Class.’ I also consider the HartChart app to be a real plus for working professionals like myself and those looking to tell stories from the heart."

- Yule Caise, U.S. television feature writer, Damon Wayans Show, Recess


"Jim V. Hart’s screenwriting class was the perfect next step up in my formation as an artist. Jim created a supportive, highly creative and humorous environment sharing the tools I needed to redefine myself as an American filmmaker. Besides, I’ll never forget the laughter in his class."

- Carina Rosanna Tautu, Silk String Pictures


"Admittedly, writers sometimes have a few screws loose. Jim Hart is an expert story mechanic every writer needs! His workshop was absolutely invaluable to me. With Jim’s precision guidance, your script will get the tune-up it needs to get across the finish line and become the high-performance vehicle it was meant to be!"

- Stacia Raymond, U.S. television feature writer


"I was not expecting my work to become so much stronger in such a short time. A workshop with Jim Hart is not just about storytelling, he has a real gift in managing writers, helping people connect, fostering everyone’s creativity, and bringing the best out of each member of the group."

- Serena Brugnolo, Italian Television Feature Writer


"Forged in the fires of experience and the creative mind of one of Hollywood’s top screenwriters, the Hart Chart is a boon to storytellers, a method that instantly reveals plot dynamics and character relationships, while pinpointing weaknesses in structure. We need maps, we need language and techniques for breaking down our stories, we need graphic representations to visualize the emotional ups and downs of our characters. The Hart Chart delivers all that, plus an encompassing view of how and why a story moves an audience, a series of emotional signposts that complement and amplify the Hero’s Journey model."

- Chris Vogler, Author of The Writer's Journey and Memo from the Story Dept


"Dramatic structure theories are good to know, and discussing them can go on as long as you can talk, but when you sit down to write – which you must do if you actually want to be a writer and sell stuff – you need tools. Practical tools. Enter the Hart Chart. It’s simple, clear and most important, it works. For everything! You need this whether you are working on your 1st spec script or your 21st produced screenplay."

- Ellen Sandler, Writer/Producer Everybody Loves Raymond and Many Other Network Series and Author of The TV Writer's Workbook


"I have watched Jim work his magic with the Hart Chart for many years now at screenwriting workshops and seminars, and I can tell you his approach works. Jim’s charts demonstrate the importance of both story structure and tracking the emotional journey of the protagonist – and time and again, I’ve seen his analysis completely transform writers’ understanding of their scripts."

- David Magee, Oscar-nominated Screenwriter of Life of Pi and Finding Neverland